The Newark Airport Gatecrasher is one of the Worst People

January 9, 2010

FROM His School's Website: Haisong Jiang Tel: 732-235-4442 Email:

News comes tonight that police in New Jersey have arrested the main who evaded security, walking where he wasn’t supposed to, causing massive delays and stranding thousands of people at Newark Airport. Surprise, surprise, he’s from China!

In news reports, such as this one in the New York Times, Haisong Jiang is wrongly identified as being “of Piscataway, N.J.” or a “New Jersey” man. A little digging reveals he is from China and is merely a student at the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. He has also alternately been identified as a “Rutgers University graduate student.” So, more correctly it should be said he is “From China and is studying in New Jersey.” If I were arrested in Shanghai, China, I GUARANTEE the news would not say “Shanghai Man Arrested,” it would say “Foreigner/American Arrested, He Lives in Shanghai.” Check any Chinese news-site if you don’t believe me (such as the Taipei Times). It is always “Foreigner Arrested” in their stories.

His photo and contact details are publicly available on the school lab’s website:

Haisong Jiang
Tel: 732-235-4442

Give Haisong a call. Ask him what’s up and why he’s such a dumbass. Send him a polite email, reminding him to behave himself when he’s in a foreign country on an F-1 STUDENT visa (should they cancel his student visa? they DO deport people with Green Cards if they get arrested).

This of course illustrates a MASSIVE problem. NOTE: He is not American. Americans know how to behave in airports. They are aware of the current, difficult state of affairs with transportation security and behave accordingly. We know how to obey the laws and don’t try to make short cuts in these kinds of situations. And, what did he THINK would happen, in this current climate, if he broke the rules? Of course it would create chaos for thousands of travelers.

But, he is from CHINA. They do not care about other people in China. They have 5 kinds of relationships in the Chinese system (based on Confucian teachings). These are things like parent to child, teacher to student, etc. There is NO relationship for Chinese people with strangers. Strangers are invisible. “I am not related to you so I could care less what happens to you” is the thinking. In China when there is a traffic accident, people come running, gleefully asking “Is anyone dead?” But, no one will offer assistance. Because in China you are taught not to care about others/strangers.

What was this guy doing? He was a nerdy guy who wanted to meet up with his Fobby nerdy chick. So what does he do? Break the law. Because he is NOT American and he doesn’t care. In the Chinese parts of my city, I sometimes see parents letting their young boys pee in the street. Why? Because they don’t care! This is not their country, you are a stranger, so why would they care what you think?

Do you know what Chinese people call Americans IN THIS COUNTRY (it is what they also call white people in China)? “Waiguoren.” This means “foreigner.” I have been called foreigner MANY times in the U.S. Why? Because 1. They don’t care about you; 2. They don’t feel they are American; 3. They make NO effort to assimilate.

This guy is the ULTIMATE FOB. Just take a look at his Facebook page (here). He has 113 friends and ALL OF THEM are Chinese. Not a single one of them is White, Black or whatever. What would you say if you saw a Facebook page for a White guy living in China and NONE of his friends were Chinese? You would think maybe 1. He doesn’t like Chinese people or 2. He really hates China and is not trying to fit in or assimilate. So what are we to make of Haisong Jiang? Are there no “Americans” or “foreigners” (as he would refer to us) in New Jersey for him to make friends with?

This whole case is just a classic example of a Chinese guy who doesn’t want to play by the “White devil”‘s rules, doesn’t have any regard for anyone but himself, and has no interest in behaving the way normal people do in this country. Hilariously, he has also shown that just like the drivers back home, this Chinese guy shows they can’t walk the right way either!

Examples abound of selfish, imprudent, dangerous behavior by Chinese travelers. Here is an hysterically funny one of a Chinese woman throwing a fit at an airport in Hong Kong because she missed a flight (youtube). This is really typical behavior of all Chinese, but especially the new “entitled” class who are no longer peasants and can afford to go overseas. I could bore you all day with my stories of China’s travelers behaving badly. The press has been blathering forever about the “rise of China” and all of their economic achievement. But we all KNOW money doesn’t buy class. The rise of China means more and more of these people going out in the world, acting despicably and fucking things up for the rest of us. Are we ready for this?

They really are some of the worst people. And the Newark Airport gatecrasher is one of the WORST PEOPLE.

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Gawker Sez: Tila Tequila is World’s Worst Person

January 7, 2010

Gawker, now you jumpin’ on my hatin’ bandwagon! The media gossip site just printed a SCATHING critique of shameless media whore Tila Tequila (nee Tila Nguyen), who is now using the death of her “fiancee,” drug addled socialite Casey Johnson, to try to stay in the spotlight (read it here). It’s entitled “Tila Tequila: Disgusting Little Girl” and is basically EXACTLY what we would have written. In fact, we were thinking today “should we write about this disgusting Tila person? Nah, everyone’s gonna be all over it and it will be played to death.” But Gawker has paid your WorstPeople bloggers the GREATEST compliment of all. In fact, the thrust of the piece: “Tila Tequila is the world’s worst person.” Oh, snaps, now they steal our lines! Actually, it’s OK, Gawker, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and we all flattered and shit!

The analysis of why we should not care about or pay attention to Tequila is spot on and in-depth.  A great excerpt:

Casually tossing words like “worst” around is one of the unfortunate clichés of the current talky-head, bloggy media culture. But Tila Tequila, through her desperate attempts to latch onto and enable an heiress who was dealing with some serious addiction and psychological problems, has done enough for her to secure legitimate claim to the title in some category. Internet creation? Famewhore? Person in the World?

I don’t know if we need to spend much time further investigating this story. Though, one thing interesting to ponder: why is Tila like this? First, she saw the opportunity to make a “career” from doing nothing in our new reality/entertainment/famous for being famous media world. Also, her background says a lot. Child of immigrants who didn’t assimilate in to U.S. culture. From a poor background. Short of stature. Adolescence spent going off the rails on sex and substances. Lack of formal education. An Asian in a “modeling” world where 5-foot-tall FOBs are not exactly a hot commodity. What does this all say? LOW SELF-ESTEEM. Of course, someone with zero self-esteem like Tila is going to seek as much negative attention as possible. Classic psychology.

Anyway, being a basket case whack-job doesn’t absolve her. I think all the votes are in. Tila Tequila, the talentless trainwreck who helped to wreck the life of a tragic person, is officially the WORST PERSON in the WORLD.

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‘Journalists’ who Crow about ‘Yellow Fever’ are the Worst People

December 28, 2009

Is THIS the writer? If so, no wonder she is so angry. YIKES!

An UNBELIEVABLE piece of garbage was allowed into a “newspaper” today. An unemployed “journalist” in Queens (sorry “freelance journalist and marketing consultant”?!) somehow got the editors of the Daily News (once considered a decent paper for the working class) to run an “opinion piece” ostensibly about iPhone apps that she says “reduce women as objects” (maybe English isn’t her first language?).

Of course this is complete nonsense. The apps mentioned by “Iris” Chung (in a vain effort to provide evidence of a “trend”) number exactly two. So there are TWO apps out of the 100,000 iPhone apps out there that she says are offensive to Asian women. I’m sure she must have put in a HUGE amount of effort to find them and must be a seriously self-hating Asian woman to have obsessed over it so much. You can look at it this way too: if ONLY TWO out of 100,000 people out there in society today were offensive that would be GREAT! IF only TWO out of 100,000 ASIANS were offensive, that would be FANTASTIC. Jeez, Louise!

Even more amusing is the fact that one of these apps is based around the Japanese fetish (featuring pics of Japanese women) of looking up girls’ skirts. One would think before being mad at the rest of the world, this Asian woman would want to first get her own house in order. There is an INCREDIBLE amount of the “perversion” she talks about in the piece right home in her Asia: the Japanese world of porn is notorious for perversion and their subway gropers are legend. If you want to do something about it get the ENTIRE Japanese male-dominated culture to change.

BUT it takes her THREE paragraphs in the article before these offensive apps are even mentioned. The first section and the bulk of the piece is her simply venting about “yellow fever” or “Asian fetish” or whatnot. She recounts  personal tales about how she was “objectified” as part of the “fetish” of White men. There is a LOT that’s wrong with that.

1. We are assuming there is even something called an “Asian fetish.”

2. It is VERY possible that she is NOT good-looking enough to attract one of her Asians but the only ones left out there who are into her are random White dorks. PLEASE, I ask you this: how many times a day do you see a DORKY-ass White guy on the street with an Asian woman? THEN, go spend time in a Chinatown/Koreatown-whatever, you will see that the “locals” (Asian dudes) want none of the nasty-ass Asian girls, they are with the VERY good-looking girls. This “writer” lives in New York City. She sees this as much as we do. She is really sick of it for sure – as we know, she is self-hating anyway.

3. What about “white fetish” or “Jew fetish” among Asian girls? In my SMALL apartment building alone there are THREE Jewish guy/Asian female couples. Spend time in NYC and they make up probably at least HALF of the White/Asian couples you see. BUT, of course, this is OK, right? At least these Asian females don’t go around SAYING they are hunting for Jew meat. It just so happens that they keep that to themselves and by SOME CHANCE they end up with a Jewish guy. Yeah, right! They are just as interested in chasing Jewish guys, they are just not honest about it. If there even are Asian fetishist guys out there, at LEAST they are honest and upfront about what they are seeking.

4. It’s also likely that our little writer got burned by White boyfriends and is bitter about it. Most “journalists” and/or late-20s women in NYC are bitter and angry. I BET more than half of her ex-boyfriends have been White (probably Jewish, to boot!).

Let’s hope that this “newspaper” will not try to cling to life by continuing to publish garbage like this.

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The Worst Dead People of 2009: Let’s Review!

December 28, 2009

Yes, we all love our celebrifucks. Everyone’s famous these days, no one knows why. Lots of celebrities (or people “famous” for one reason or other) died in 2009. We are pretty happy that some of them are gone as they were talentless/worthless/assholes. In one way or another, each of them were one of the “WORST PEOPLE” of 2009, even if being the WORST in this case means they weren’t evil but actually just sucked. So hereto with, our list for 2009 (with explanation appended).


Brittany Murphy – Talentless

Lou Albano – Worthless

William Safire – Asshole

Army Archerd – Asshole

Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein – Talentless & Worthless

Kim Dae Jung – Asshole

Billy Mays – Asshole

Ed McMahon – Talentless

Dom DeLuise – Worthless

Natasha Richardson – Talentless

James Brady – Asshole

As you see, we can go on like this forever, but to REALLY create a complete list would take us well into 2010, by which time we’d have to get started on the list for the new year.

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It’s Official: Chinese Declared ‘Worst People in the World’

December 19, 2009

Have you been following the news of the follies in Copenhagen? Seems the whole thing is a clusterfuck. Anytime the U.S. and other developed nations want to do anything, the third-worlders from China, et al do some diplomatic cock-blocking. The Chinese premier Wen Jiabao even stood Obama up at some things, the Chinese have been boycotting meetings and sending underlings to attend. It’s all a huge mess.

Of course, our uncouth barbarian friends from China have only done their best to make things WORSE:

Channeled by Gawker (from like every news source):

“The Christian Science Monitor‘s Linda Feldmann sets the scene in her pool report:

Pool spray pre-bilateral between Obama and Wen is a mess

The Chinese press corps shoved their way into the small room where POTUS and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao were about to meet, preventing most of the American press pool from entering.

Robert Gibbs said something to the effect of “my people” (meaning American press corps) have to get into the room, “or we’re leaving.” A few American media were able to get in, but your pooler and other non-broadcast reporters could not get in.

This photo of Wen’s goons muscling our first amendment heroes is positively chilling. Still, we have to admire Robert Gibb’s courage, here, standing up for the rights of people he is paid to lie to constantly.

According to Helene Cooper of the New York Times, who managed to actually make it into the meeting for the photo spray and file to the pool: “White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs and NSC chief of staff Denis McDonough both got roughed up a bit trying to get into the room.”

So, there you have it. We always knew the average mainland Chinese peasant had no idea about proper human behavior in public. And, we really don’t mind all that much as they usually keep their behavior in their swamp-hole home country. On rare occasions we are subjected to their neanderthal-like behavior in our local Chinatown or tourist areas popular with the Chinese hordes. HOWEVER, this was a UN MEETING on the highest reaches of the international world stage. These are meetings attended by presidents and other heads of state. A retarded person would know that you send your best-behaved professionals — those with lots of knowledge and experience with protocol and diplomatic settings — to attend, work at, cover, etc. this kind of high-level event.

Perhaps these WERE China’s top, sophisticated media and diplomatic professionals? Maybe they are still such a third-world, undeveloped country that is this the BEST THEY HAVE. We should assume that since China’s leaders probably are at least at the level of a retarded person, that in fact, this is the best representation their country has to offer.

So, since the Chinese would only send their best people to such an important event, we can conclude that their best people are actually the WORST PEOPLE. In a setting like this at Copenhagen, they push and shove, give no respect to heads of state and cause violence and chaos. No other country at the conference was doing this. So we can then conclude that even China’s best are the WORST. According to the media reports and their behavior at this UN conference, Chinese are the WORST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.

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You Decide: Who are the worst people this week?

December 15, 2009

People in China are the Worst People

December 14, 2009

We have always known that people in mainland China are pretty bad. Spend some time there and you will be generally disgusted by the lack of manners and outright rudeness everywhere. What you may not have known (but I knew!) is that people in China are also FRIGHTENINGLY racist. Our favorite blog, Chinasmack, had a recent post about the UNBELIEVABLY horrid and racist treatment of Lou Jing (read HERE). The biracial girl won some kind of “American Idol” type contest in China, and she and her family have been suffering vile abuse ever since.

Now, our favorite bastion of ineptitude, the New York Times, has a “room for debate” blog post called “China’s Changing Views on Race.” There are a few laughable problems with their premise. 1. The presumption is that this is “debatable.” Well, the fact that people in China are extremely RACIST is not debatable. Anyone living there can tell you so. 2. The idea that China’s views on race may be “changing” is a joke. The only way they may change is to become even more RACIST in China. We are talking about a stone-age culture where Han chauvinism is so much the norm that it is never even discussed, it is not worth comment because it is EVERYWHERE in China, like bad smells and dirty people.

But you don’t need to believe me. Just READ THE COMMENTS on the NY Times blog post. There are a HUGE number of eyewitness accounts in the comments of the “non-changing” RACIST environment from people LIVING IN CHINA. This view runs counter to those of the NY Times “panel,” who seem to have been selected only for being Chinese. As commenters noted, NONE of these people actually live in China. They are also – mostly – the typical type of China apologists. Funny that China is such an enlightened, modern place and yet none of these Chinese choose to live there.

This NY Times blog post, most of the coverage in Chinasmack, and my own personal experiences living in China leave no room for doubt: people in China are the WORST PEOPLE.

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