“Mrs. Stick” is one of the worst people

Having lived in Thailand before, I am always interested in keeping up with what’s going on there. One thing I do is regularly check up on a site called www.stickmanbangkok.com. The guy who runs it is an English teacher in Thailand and there’s some amusing stuff on there. Most of the “reader submissions” and a lot of the “stickman weekly” (kinda his blog post) concerns the sex industry and sex tourism, but there is often some good cultural content and updates on the entertainment scene in Thailand.

One thing I — and lots of others for sure — HATE about this site is Stickman’s “wife” Mrs. Stick. I put wife in quotes because who really knows for sure what’s true about the authors of an anonymous blog. From what Mr. Stick has said about his bride that she is a lady from the countryside of Thailand and working class background and is a “good girl” (didn’t work in the sex trade), etc. He also, nauseatingly, used to go on and on about how “drop dead gorgeous” she is. At least he doesn’t do that anymore.

Anyway, Mr. Stick gives the Mrs a forum to answer readers questions. Most of the questions are earnest emails from readers asking for genuine cultural insights that could help with their own relationship with a thai lady.

Of course, Mrs. Stick’s responses should be subjective. However, there is a very noticeable tone of superiority in what she writes. This is not uncommon in Thailand, as in most 3rd world countries, a woman who attains some level of status however small that may be (e.g. being married to a foreigner) will become a snob and lord it over everyone, showing the other ladies of her country how “great” she is.

What is surprising, is that this Stickman — who’s readership is nearly all male, foreign and full of men who date Thai women — continues to allow her attitude to ruin his blog.

She is CONSTANTLY infecting the Q&A with her snobbish comments and it is quite tiresome. She also usually claims to be nearly completely ignorant of the Thai sex industry and the kind of people involved in it. While it is common for Thais to feign ignorance of the billion-dollar sex trade in their country, it is pretty laughable considering her husband is an expert on the subject and their blog has countless stories related to it. Top this off with typical Thai hypocrisy, her aura of superiority and the common Thai obliviousness to the contradictions in what they say (and to the absurdities in their own country) and you have the case of someone who is just one of the WORST PEOPLE.

Many of her Q&As are along the lines of: “Q. Dear Mrs. Stick – I am going to marry a girl who works in a bar and she wants me to help support her family, what should I do?” and “A. Dear Reader – Of course I know nothing about people who work in bars, but obviously she is low class. Because she is low-class, she probably wants you to support her poor family. Also, it is normal for any thai girl to expect their husband to support their family.”

As you can see, this is ridiculous, and is the writing of a truly bad person.

Anyway, I thought you’d like to see some ACTUAL QUOTES from the writing of Mrs. Stick to see how she is really one of the WORST PEOPLE:

“Mrs. Stick says: I read your question and I think I know the answer from the words of your friends. Are you going out with country people or maybe bargirls? I think so because their English is not so good.” [NB:  Mrs. Stick herself is a “country person”]


“Mrs. Stick says:  First you give the engagement ring and it should be a diamond ring.  I think you can give this in private and then when you get engaged they announce the size of the diamond and say how many karats it is.” [NB: A great example of the horrid Thai idea of ‘face’ and how they must highlight the cost of everything in the tackiest way possible. Goes hand in hand with the ‘sin sot’ idea where the Thais literally sell their daughters. So, this is in effect saying ‘Look everyone, I am so great, my daughter is worth this much!’ One of the more revolting things out there]

“Mrs. Stick says: I think for middle and upper class many people have friends of the opposite sex and it is normal to meet those friends without our boyfriend / husband. But for the lower class they might socialise with their own sex most of the time.”

“Mrs. Stick says: We have many nice Thai men and not all are like this. If he drinks a lot often then he is probably low class.”

Thanks for reading!



2 Responses to “Mrs. Stick” is one of the worst people

  1. brownsville says:

    haha. this is funny. i checked that stickman blog. is that a real person? she sounds like awful bitch. god, who would marry her?!

  2. ThaiFun says:

    This weeks column was flabbergasting…


    I used to think she’s tolerable, but this reply really made me /facepalm.
    She’s straight forward rude to reply like this to an innocent question.

    Question 1: Recently there was a new waitress, like all of them – poor young coeds from the provinces, who started working at the café I go to daily. She was as magnificent as any sight I’ve ever seen, built just like a supermodel – very tall (in the relevant range for super models), willowy, and just perfect. I decided I needed to make a move for her before one of the other customers (all locals except for me, an expat) did. This café does tremendous turnover and she’s the type where she attracts all the customers attention, what with her magnificent height, and when she walks down the street, the locals stop, turn around, and look at her some more. Surprisingly, I was successful. We have a date. During my seduction, or I should say my initial invitation, as I’m sitting close to her in the café during working hours, I did notice she has a few hairs, like a little mustache, at the corner of her mouth. Of course it’s no big factor, but what would you advise what with if I had a choice I’d opt for that tiny patch of facial hair not being there? Would you recommend: (i) just accept it, (ii) she obviously knows about it and hence doesn’t consider it a problem, or (iii) if you advise my bringing it to her attention, how would I visit this “issue” in the absolute most inoffensive way?

    “Mrs. Stick says: Are you the perfect man that you say a stupid thing like this? I feel sorry for her to date with you. If you cannot accept her how she is then don’t date her. I think most Thai women have nicer presentation and think about the appearance more than farang men so why do you say this? Maybe you can send a photo of you and I will make a list of things you can improve. Actually, forget it because I am sure you are ugly and cannot be fixed.”

    Question 2: I’d like to know if it’s the custom when you marry a Thai woman that you provide a diamond ring, gold for her = bracelet + necklace + earrings and also sin sot (although I have told her that I am in no position to pay this).

    “Mrs. Stick says: First you give the engagement ring and it should be a diamond ring. I think you can give this in private and then when you get engaged they announce the size of the diamond and say how many karats it is. You might give gold at the engagement ceremony and it can be jewellery. Then when you have the wedding ceremony you can give the dowry which is usually cash (but we accept cheque too but not credit card please!) You must talk with your fiancée about this because there are many things that are different from family to family.” <- fuck THAT.

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