Who are the worst people?

The worst people are unfortunately everywhere. You run into them walking down the street, in a restaurant, at a bar. They suck. I am mostly concerned with the worst people I read about online as I don’t want to run into these worst people in real life. I have spent a lot of time living in a lot of places and met a lot of people who are the worst. Those classless, tactless, tasteless, awful people. I lived in various countries in Asia for several years. There were plenty of good people there. But, there are also plenty of the worst people living there: people who exploit others, people who value money or “face” and nothing else, people who care about nothing more than themselves and think nothing of ruining others so they can get ahead. We will talk a lot about these people. We will also find lots of examples of the worst people from where I live now, in the U.S. I invite you to comment and give us all examples of the “worst people” to share and comment on.



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