Young nouveau riches in China are the worst people

I read one blog in particular all the time. It is called Chinasmack and is written by overseas Chinese who translate lots of news stories from China. They authors of the blog seem to be as disgusted as most conscious western intellectuals with the evolution of modern China. One of the most despicable trends in China these days is the nouveau riches. Actually, this phenomenon is more than a trend: in many of the large eastern cities in China, it seems every other person is a member of this “class” of people. We are not talking about the 800 million people in the villages in China’s interior. These are the robber barons, the corrupt officials, the exploitative factory owners of the eastern seaboard (Shanghai, Xiamen, Tienjing, etc.). Of course nouveau riches beget l’enfants nouveau. So, this installment of worst people focuses on a group of some of the WORST PEOPLE in the world: young Chinese nouveau riches. The very definition of the group demands that the people have no class, no taste, are plagued by insecurity, and delight in lording their “wealth” and status over others.  If you’re like me, you find this situation delightfully amusing: it is tragicomic that anyone would care that one neanderthal has more money than someone else in an impoverished third-world country. How hard is it to exploit others and crawl to the “top.” The path of the China nouveau riches is the path of cowardice and least resistance. It’s the losers’ way. Chinasmack has feature MANY articles on the horrid behavior of these terrible people. The link above takes you to a brief article about a recent case, a young cunt who arrives at college and to counter her (and her family’s) own insecurity, decides to be a big show off. Enjoy.

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One Response to Young nouveau riches in China are the worst people

  1. randylevine23 says:

    hmmm. i agree these kids in China sound pretty bad. i’d add that i’ve met nouveaux riches in many countries who were just awful, horrid people: Russia, South Korea, Thailand ,to name a few

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