Is Tiger Woods one of the worst people?

Hey there, you tabloid news watcher! Of course we are all aware of the bizarreness that is Tiger Woods, his wife, his Escalade and a tree. What happened? Was he smackin on his wife and mackin on some other bitches? I think the verdict is out on this one. We may never know the TRUTH about the latest incident from a surprisingly secretive person. Just like, with all the evidence out there, it has never been fully publicly revealed that his mother was a prostitute in Thailand. Tiger’s father met Kultida Woods when he was based in Thailand during the Vietnam War. There are lots of people in Thailand who know the truth about this and lots who talk about how certain people (ex-coworkers) of Kultida Woods were paid off to not talk about it. Anyway, more secrets more mystery. The jury is still out on whether Tiger Woods is one of the WORST PEOPLE.

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