Does ‘Heavy Metal Ph.D.’ think China’s rich are the worst people?

There’s  a blog with an awesome name, Heavy Metal Ph.D. . He tries to get into the issue of “Why people hate the rich in China” and looks at it truly from an academic and historical/political viewpoint. Marxism-Leninism is to blame for “rich hatred” and all that communist indoctrination folks went through continues to pay “dividends” in loathings to this day. It is easy to say that the rich can be pretty shitty in most any country. Painting with a broad brush, the rich in China can be said to be among the most awful. We’ve discussed in this blog the issue of the most loathsome of the rich: the nouveaux riches. Of course, 99.99% of the rich in China are nouveau riche (there is little to no “old money” in third-world, emerging from socialism/collective agriculture China). Therefore it would follow that you could assume logically that the vast majority of the rich in China are friggin’ awful people, perhaps the WORST PEOPLE. Heavy Metal Ph.D. does a nice job of explaining some of this. Of course he doesn’t yet go far enough and rightly proclaim that China’s rich are the WORST PEOPLE. But just give him time — the awful truth about China’s awful rich will be become unavoidable. It’s like the ABC TV show “V” (at some point everyone will realize: they’re going to EAT PEOPLE!).

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One Response to Does ‘Heavy Metal Ph.D.’ think China’s rich are the worst people?

  1. Heavy Metal Ph.D. says:

    Thank you for this artcle that mentioned my article. I would not go that far to claim all the rich are bad people.

    Inequality is just the nature of this world. There will always be hierarchies. It is sad but that is the reality.

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