The Salahis are the worst people

No need to rehash everything that’s wrong about the couple that crashed a party at the White House. If you want a good summary of the horridness of the Salahi folks, check out this post at Jezebel . What exactly is it that makes them the new WORST PEOPLE? Is it the fact that they crashed the party, making it more arduous for future attendees? Is it that they are disgusting, publicity seeking members of that new breed of reality TV wannabees (are you listening, Heene family?)? It is all that and more. Michaele and Tareq Salahi are really bad people.

The best part of the Jezebel piece:

“6. This is “the most devastating thing that has ever happened” to them.

Tareq Salahi claims the fallout from the crashing has been “the most devastating thing that has ever happened” to his wife, and that “our lives have really been destroyed.” But what about when they were escorted out of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Dinner in September after they were found sitting in someone else’s seats? They seem to have recovered from that mortification enough to crash another party just a few months later. And concerning their general devastation, Lisa de Moraes of the Washington Post says it well:

Michaele is ready for her close-up:

“It’s been really unbearable to go through,” she wailed from the Four Seasons hotel in Georgetown, where she had arrived nearly two hours earlier so people could put on her perfect makeup and dress her spectacular hair.

“Our lives have been destroyed,” she added blondly.”

Right, your life has been “destroyed.” I guess it will take being on “Real Housewives of D.C.” to cobble your poor, pathetic life back together.

The Salahis are truly the WORST PEOPLE.

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