MSNBC sez Taipei mayor ‘worst person in the world’

The very crappy Taipei Times newspaper reports on MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann (clip on Youtube) calling Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin (郝龍斌) “’the worst person in the world’” for demanding the city’s public schools stop subscribing to the Chinese-­language Apple Daily because of the newspaper’s News-In-Motion program.” While we don’t have any idea – nor does anyone else – what this is or what they are talking about specifically, the main issue appears to be freedom of the press and censorship. The mayor is trying to “keep students under 18 from being affected by the sensational news,” which is ridiculous. If you have spent time in Taiwan, you know that ALL THE NEWS is horrid, sensational crap. We have tabloid news in normal countries like the U.S., but in Taiwan that’s basically all they have. So the idea of trying to protect people from this is beyond absurd.

But does all this make Mayor Hau one of the worst people? Taiwan politicians are  some of the worst people for sure. Their incompetence, ineptitude, childishness and despicable behavior is legendary and well-documented. And they have skins so thin they make Sarah Palin look like she has a buffalo’s hide. But the media are also pretty much the worst people. No one is saying they should be “censored” but it is clear how awful they are.  Just try watching some Taiwan news. Or, simply read the article in the Taipei newspaper we are talking about. The headline “Taipei mayor takes jibe from TV show host in stride” is ridonkulous if you read the story below. He didn’t “take it in stride,” but did the opposite and reacted like a thin-skinned trashy Palin, a pouty child,  having to jump on any slight or comment, only serving to make a mountain out of a molehill. He actually dignified silly comments on a U.S. news-talk show with a rebuttal. Very reminiscent of Palin’s taped “Katie Couric” rebuttal. Anyway, we’ll let you be the judge, but at least according to MSNBC, this Taipei mayor is one of the WORST PEOPLE.

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