The cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ are the worst people

"We're disgusting and oh, so proud of it!"

If you have seen the massive publicity, watched the clips, read the blogs or even (God help you) watched the show, you know that it is INDISPUTABLE that the cast of MTV’s new reality show “Jersey Shore” are the WORST PEOPLE. Are they the worst people in the world? I don’t know. They are possibly the WORST PEOPLE in the tri-state area (only one of them is from New Jersey). The premise of the show: a group of male and female “Italian-Americans” shack up in a beach house at the beach in New Jersey for the summer. These people are known as and call themselves “guidos.” Basically it means Italian-American white trash. This show – and the cast – have generated quite a shocking amount of hate and discourse online. I don’t know what the fuss is about, as: 1. We know that by nature, famewhores on reality shows are often really horrid people; 2. We know that white trash are often really bad people, and: 3. Put a WHOLE group of disgusting people together and you achieve WORST PEOPLE critical mass.

Read more about this show and watch clips at Jezebel . Also, great socio-/anthropological analysis here at Gawker. Be prepared for some nastiness. Some great quote from the show (thanks, Jezebel for pulling these):

‘”Go upstairs with your whores and have fun.” = Funny

“I will cut your hair while you’re sleeping.” = Funny

“If a girl’s a slut, she should be abused.” = Unforgivably sickening. Like this show, really.”

For now, the consensus seems to be that the cast of “Jersey Shore” are the WORST PEOPLE.

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