The Worst Dead People of 2009: Let’s Review!

Yes, we all love our celebrifucks. Everyone’s famous these days, no one knows why. Lots of celebrities (or people “famous” for one reason or other) died in 2009. We are pretty happy that some of them are gone as they were talentless/worthless/assholes. In one way or another, each of them were one of the “WORST PEOPLE” of 2009, even if being the WORST in this case means they weren’t evil but actually just sucked. So hereto with, our list for 2009 (with explanation appended).


Brittany Murphy – Talentless

Lou Albano – Worthless

William Safire – Asshole

Army Archerd – Asshole

Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein – Talentless & Worthless

Kim Dae Jung – Asshole

Billy Mays – Asshole

Ed McMahon – Talentless

Dom DeLuise – Worthless

Natasha Richardson – Talentless

James Brady – Asshole

As you see, we can go on like this forever, but to REALLY create a complete list would take us well into 2010, by which time we’d have to get started on the list for the new year.

Thanks for reading!



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